About Kenneth Cates

Arkansas Strong and Ready to Serve the People

I was born and, grew up in a small rural town in Arkansas where working, hunting, fishing, shooting firearms, and hanging out with family and friends was what life was about. I still love hunting, fishing, and shooting even though I don’t get anything most of the time. I was taught to love God and this great country that he blessed us with. My mother and father did the best they could, but there were many tough times. There were times we didn’t have electricity, running water, and a phone. Despite that, I fought to better myself. As a teenager, I had planned on becoming a Firefighter after graduating. I witnessed 9/11 on television. After seeing that horrific event, I felt a duty to serve. I went on to serve in the U.S. Marine Corps for four years, two of which were overseas. After the Marines, I followed my original plan of becoming a Firefighter/Paramedic. I have done that since the Marines. As well as working on a critical care helicopter, as Flight Paramedic. I currently work as a Firefighter/Paramedic.

Some of my inspirations to serve as a U.S. Senator are from my fire service and family. The fire service is one of the most trusted professions, because we always put the citizens first, even before ourselves. Another is from the Marine Corps, where we are taught to put the mission first, and hold ourselves highly accountable. I always find inspiration from heroes who do the right thing even though it goes against conventional wisdom just like my colleagues. They may be looked down upon for doing so. Another way is I get my spiritual inspiration from my two older sisters, who have always been close to Christ. They are both single moms and school teachers who have been steadfast and strong in raising their kids. My algorithm and biggest inspiration is my grandpa who taught me how to love this country and be a true patriot. He served in the Korean war as a heavy weapons sergeant and earned the bronze star for leading his men through a minefield to escape by overrunning by attacking Chinese forces. A motto I live by, and believe in is that one must be constantly bettering yourself mentally, physically, and spiritually. Just like we work out regularly as I do, we should work out the issues that surround our country.

I have been a Republican my whole adult life, and like most southern families those roots have run deep. However, my stance and platform have changed. The things I have first-hand witnessed, such as the loss of liberties during the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 presidential election, and Afghanistan withdrawal have left the world in shambles. Neither the Republican nor Democratic parties did anything. They were too scared or were sometimes complicit to appease the others. I believe there is an exception of a few within both political parties that aimed to do good. Yet, most political parties sat ideally by, put special interest groups, and lobbyists ahead of the American citizens, even if it means sacrificing their liberties, economic security, national security, and lives. I have seen nothing but tough talk during election time. I can’t stand on the sidelines anymore and see our country get torn apart. Therefore, I can no longer support the Republican party. I will hit the ground running as your Libertarian party candidate within the Arkansas United States Senate that speaks with you and for you.

I feel God has called me to help guide others in saving our Great Republic from evil, I will not let it fall into darkness without a fight. Not just for me and my children, but future generations. I may not seem educated enough for this position, appear small in stature, and from too small a town but I can guarantee you I am ready for this mentally, physically, and with God on my side. I have studied history and the history of governments for many years now. You won’t outwork me, outsmart me or grit me down because like most Arkansans we/myself, are built for this very time. When I practice Krav Maga, which I have a black belt instructor certification in, it teaches you to never quit. I will never quit on making Arkansas and America what it needs to be, for everyone, even small everyday citizens. Isn’t that who we/politicians in America represent? I’m running because I believe the people’s rights are in danger, and they no longer have a voice in D.C… While I will fight hard for what I believe, I will remain presentable, professional, and respectful always.